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They are pants!

Ok, so I am sure many of you have had this conversation with some, the classic debate on leggings.... Are they pants?

Well I say, HELL YEAH they are pants! I wear them for every occasion, especially now that they make work appropriate and dressy leggings! So today I decided to write about of some of the best and worst legging experiences I have had.

Let's start with some leggings FAILS, like serious fails. I bought a pair of leggings from FiveBelow and they are not meant to stretch, They do stretch very well and they are super comfortable but every time they stretch they turn white. EEEK ... not a good look. Walmart, ok so I bought a cheap cloth not workout fabric leggings and they were so comfortable and i thought they looked good. Until, one day my husband told me, a year later, that when I bend over you can see everything...EVERYTHING! So yeah, to say the least these are no go.

Now for some major WINS, Target you will always have my heart, even without incredible leggings. So, Target sells these amazing C9 Champion leggings. They are high waisted and hold you in so well, like they eliminate all cellulite and dimples and make your not so smooth hips look smooth. Oh, and the best part you look more fit, so give me the extra scoop of ice cream!!! Fabletics, I could not believe the quality, the fit and the options. I LOVE my new leggings, and they were 2 pairs for $25, how can you beat that deal?! They are comfortable, cute and really hold everything into place, which is much appreciated when you are only fit(ish).

So yes, leggings ARE pants!!!

AND... sorry not sorry about all the leggings memes!!!

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